Top Five Tips for Stellar Tree Decorating!

Top Five Tips for Stellar Tree Decorating!

We have amongst our team an expert at tree decorating. Several, in fact, but one is Head Expert (yep, it’s Mary-Ann!). We asked her for some of her top Tree Decorating rules and she offered them up. They are wise. They are tried and tested. We highly recommend following them! Even if your tree is already spruced up (*snort), you can keep these in mind as you sit with a glass of wine tweaking it, or hit the sales for next year’s ornamental additions.

1. Use AT LEAST 6-8 of each style of ornament. You get even better effects when you use 10-12 of one kind, just for that repetition and cohesion.

2. PLAN – lay out all ornaments in colour groups. As you place them on the tree, work through one colour first so you get a uniform spread of that colour throughout. Then work through the next colour.

3. Start with your BIGGEST ornaments and spot them evenly around the tree. Make sure there are big ornaments at the top as well.

Start with your biggest ornaments around spot them evenly around the tree, don't miss the top.

4. LAYER the ornaments throughout the depth of the tree rather than hanging them only on the ends of the branch. This gives the tree a full and bountiful appearance. This is much easier to do if you replace the ornaments’ ribbons with green wire hooks – you can curl them around any part of the branch.

5. Mix in branches of other kinds of foliage – sparkly, white, natural, berried. This adds to the texture of the tree and makes for a more interesting profile in daylight and treelight.

Happy decorating/tweaking!

The Room Collection Team.

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