Brand & Iron Scented Candle, Tobacco + Vanilla candle, 9oz

Brand & Iron Scented Candle, Tobacco + Vanilla candle, 9oz

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The sweet, earthy, smokiness of tobacco is blended with the creamy, warm, comforting scent of vanilla.

All candles are poured in small batches in the Brand & Iron Vancouver studio. They use only the finest ingredients possible, without any additives, or harmful ingredients. Free from phthalates and petroleum, their soy wax is sourced from American-grown soy beans. It is clean burning, sustainable, and entirely natural.

9 oz. container, candle burn time: 50+ hours

Burning Instructions: Burn for a minimum of 1.5 hours to create an even burn pool, to avoid tunnelling, and to achieve a sufficient scent throw. Trim wick to ¼” prior to each use. Never leave candle unattended or burning for longer than 4 hours.

Made in Canada


Thanks for such a beautiful store - I love to come visit and get inspired for home decor projects!


I love the staff and the service. The products are great and the feeling in the store is so inviting and welcoming.


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