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January Decorating – SIGH

The tree is down.  The elves and advents and centrepieces and all things directly Christmas are tucked away. But the nights are still long and cold and the house looks SO DULL without all the decorations – amiright?

Fear not, we are here with some pointers for reinvigorating your home after the holidays!  Given our weather, we Canadians can still embrace “hygge” (the Danish concept of coziness, comfort and companionship) long after the holidays.  But we can start to refresh and revive our décor, while still keeping comfort and warmth in mind.

First and foremost, we recommend keeping out your candles, twinkle lights, snowflakes and winter greenery – Jan and Feb need all the light and life they can muster! As for the rest of your decorating, read on…

EMPTY – Clear off your shelves, mantels and buffets and all surface area.  Even things you know you love and want back in the space. Move it all to the dining table or kitchen, etc. and just let your surfaces breathe for a bit.

GATHER – Bring out all your extra decor, plants, pots, and other tchotchkes.  Steal items from other rooms, cause those rooms probably need a refresh too. Pile them with the rest of your accessories for consideration and planning.

SORT AND EDIT – Separate things you want to use again or use differently from things you haven’t used in a year.  Sell or donate the ones you haven’t used!  This applies to clothing, decor, kitchen gear and everything else, but in this case, weed out the vases and clocks and baskets you are done with.

REARRANGE – Challenge yourself to not put anything back where it used to be.  This can (and should) apply to wall art and furniture as well. Everything gains new life when placed in a different spot and next to different companion items.

Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

ADD – January is a great time to pick up a little extra something – a new cushion, a scented candle, a bit of fresh wall art to lean on your dresser or shelf. Go for a walk and grab some bare branches or find some birch wood accents as a nod to the outdoors in the midst of your cozy.  Our absolute MUST for January is adding some greenery – real or faux – to bring a bit of vibrance to a room.

Photo: Therese Knutsen

Come and see us if you’d like a hand, otherwise enjoy snuggling in your fresh January home!

Top Five Tips for Stellar Tree Decorating!

Top Five Tips for Stellar Tree Decorating!

One of our little pleasures in life is decorating for Christmas, especially Christmas trees. Here are our top Tree Decorating guidelines, and we highly recommend following them as they are tried and tested! Even if your tree is already “spruced up” (*snort), you can keep these in mind as you sit with a glass of wine tweaking it, or hit the sales for next year’s ornamental additions.

1. Use AT LEAST 6-8 of each style of ornament. You get even better effects when you use 10-12 of one kind, just for that repetition and cohesion.

2. PLAN – lay out all ornaments in colour groups. As you place them on the tree, work through one colour first so you get a uniform spread of that colour throughout. Then work through the next colour.

3. Start with your BIGGEST ornaments and spot them evenly around the tree. Make sure there are big ornaments at the top as well.

Start with your biggest ornaments around spot them evenly around the tree, don't miss the top.

4. LAYER the ornaments throughout the depth of the tree rather than hanging them only on the ends of the branch. This gives the tree a full and bountiful appearance. This is much easier to do if you replace the ornaments’ ribbons with green wire hooks – you can curl them around any part of the branch.

5. Mix in branches of other kinds of foliage – sparkly, white, natural, berried. This adds to the texture of the tree and makes for a more interesting profile in daylight and treelight.

Happy decorating/tweaking!

The Room Collection Team.

WHY WE LOVE…Pure Linen.

WHY WE LOVE…Pure Linen.

Linen is considered a luxury fabric by many, whether it’s used the home or worn on the body. We at The Room Collection are firmly in the Pure Linen Fan Club for reasons other than luxury…  Bit by bit, each of us converting our personal bedding collections to pure linen. When our linen tea towels and cushion orders arrive, we all have to have a good oogle over each different style and weave.  And we’ve been known to love a linen napkin so much we framed it!

While the reasons for loving linen are many, here are five good ones:

Photo: Susan Gillespie

  1. Durability: Linen is woven from strong, thick flax fibres so the resulting fabric is more durable. Because of this thickness, linen bedding has a lower thread count than cotton sheets, and those threads don’t break down as quickly. In Europe, linen sheets are often handed down as heirlooms because they last so long.

  1. Hypo-allergenic – Linen has unique filtering, ventilating and moisture-wicking properties, all of which make it more “healthy” and anti-allergy than other fabric choices. Its absorbency means it makes fantastic tea towels and dish cloths that are less likely to smell over time (we offer some gorgeous ones!).

Photo: Natural Bed Collection

  1. Softness – Like most of us, linen improves with time. It gets softer and shinier with each washing, while maintaining its delicious drape.

Flax Field in Saskatchewan

  1. Environmentally friendly – Flax as a crop requires less chemicals and water to grow than cotton. That, along with the longevity of linen, makes it a very environmentally conscious choice.

Photo: Coco Lapine

  1. The wrinkles – Ohhhh those gorgeous, relaxed, inviting wrinkles. Linen bedding is at its best when rumpled and furrowed, with lots of pockets of cool air to poke your toes into.

Come and see us if you’d like to explore ways to get more of this practical and beautiful fabric in your home.

The Vegas Market Report

The Vegas Market Report

As ever, the 2017 Las Vegas summer buying market was vibrant and stimulating, exhilarating and exhausting.  We scored us (and you) some great new things and we marvelled at many others. Below is our report on some of the fun and funky we saw throughout the show…

  1. Tufting and quilting – The tufting/quilting game continues strong this fall. This puffed, stitched look adds textural interest to any room and can look either luxurious or edgy, depending on the material. We love this quilted sofa, which is going into a business reception in Vernon soon!

  1. Muted Jewel Tones – As with every buying show, you can find almost any colour you look for. But the trend definitely leaned towards jewel tones, and their more muted sisters. Emerald and olive, navy and indigo, ruby and dusty rose – the richness and variety is delicious…

  1. Textural Textiles –Textures invite people to touch and connect with a space. As lovers of texture and layering, this trend suits us just FINE. There is such a wide range in available textiles these days and the beauty is, you can mix them all together!  Velvet, linen, fur, hide, macramé – toss them in one spot and let your eyes and hands feast upon them…

Photo: @oh.eight.oh.nine

  1. Green – Pantone named “Greenery” the colour of 2017, but 50 shades of green seems to be more the thang! Green in leather, green in velvet, green in botanicals, green in paintings.  Forest, olive, teal, sea green, lime – you name it. It is a green scene out there…

Photo: Pinterest

  1. Handmade / Discovered Items – This trend is easy to understand as most people like to personalize their homes with unique and distinctive accessories. Handmade or discovered pieces offer “quirk” and individuality and often have a meaningful origin. Reworked African mud cloth cushions are one such hot item this season (and our order is en route!).

Photo: Restoration Hardware

Big White Project

Big White Project

SCOPE: Our clients, an Australian family, had owned and rented out their two-bed Big White condo for 15 years.  They took it off the rental market and wanted to a complete refresh ready for it to be enjoyed by just family.

REQUIREMENTS: Fresh paint (excluding the trim), new wool carpets, some renovations in the closets and create a blackboard wall for writing messages.  Source all new living room and dining room furniture (to seat 7), lighting and wall art, but keep the existing bedroom furniture (except for lamps).  All new 100% linen bedding and locally made alpaca duvets for each bed.

STYLE:  Modern mountain, with a heavy emphasis on texture and comfort; a palette of warm greys and creams; a hint of Mid-Century!

SPECIAL REQUESTS: A black and white gallery wall in the open living space (“Surprise me!” she said).  LOTS of cushions on the uber-comfy sectional. All used furniture and accessories was to be donated to an organization that would get it to families in need (we chose Kelowna Mamas for Mamas). Leave it lightly decorated for the family to spend Christmas hols there.

If you’d like help with refurnishing or redecorating, and you love our style and our pieces, get in touch with us!

Photos by Sproing Creative

What Goes On In Vegas Doesn’t Stay In Vegas!

If you read our last blog, you know we just hit Vegas for the huge home furnishings market. We saw some interesting things there, and we’re going to break Vegas rules and tell you about them…

The faux French vintage that has dominated buying shows for the last few years has firmly exited stage left, and in it’s place is – what shall we call it? Desert Chic? Aztec Midcentury? Organic Western? West Coast Bohemian?

Photo Credit to: liz_kamarul

Photo Credit to: liz_kamarul

Call it what you like, many of the booths we saw were dominated with skulls pictures and artifacts, Aztec and Moroccan patterned rugs, ethnic baskets of all shapes, macrame hangings (yes, macrame), succulents and cowhide everything.

Photo Credit to: loloirugs

Photo Credit to: loloirugs

Outside of that, concrete, geometrics, vintaged leather, black and white wall art and hits of industrial continue to play a part in this season’s decor.

Photo Credit to: fourhandsfurniture

Photo Credit to: fourhandsfurniture

We’ll be beginning the slow reveal of our Fall 2016 Collection next week. Swing by to see how desert-aztec-midcentury-bohemian-what-have-you makes itself known in our trademark soft Modern stylings…

Off To The Show We Go

las vegas 4

People often ask us how we source our products. The answer is oodles of different ways! We watch for new suppliers in magazines and TV shows, on our holidays, on social media and, of course, from the annual buying shows. This weekend sees us hopping down to Las Vegas for the Home Furnishings Market (pictured above) – 5-million square feet of anything you can imagine to put in your house. We cover that distance in two days. Let me tell you, after that, our dogs are barkin’!


As we whiz through the show, we watch for items that have “The Room Collection” look and feel: softly modern; a little timeless and a little trendy; lots of texture and visual interest; the occasional dash of colour.

vegas 6

When we find something with potential, we ask ourselves “Do we love it?” – because it’s easiest to merchandise and promote things we love. But we also ask ourselves if YOU will love it.  Will it be a nice addition to all that we know about your homes? If yes, we then check the price point to ensure we have some items that are great deals and some that are great investment pieces.

Our final review of our ordering is “are we seeing items as they AREN’T?”. Maybe we are making choices out of desperation to fill gaps in that season’s collection… Maybe we have had one too many complimentary glasses of wine…it is Vegas after all! That’s why we fine tooth comb every order when we get home, just to ensure we have a broad and beautiful range of things to present to you.

Sourcing new furniture and home decor is one of the great pleasures of our job. And we love it when you tell us if we’re getting it right (or wrong!). So check in with us in August to see what delights we have rustled up for Fall 2016. In the meantime, you can track our progress in Vegas via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  See you on the other side…