Darker finishes have dominated wood furniture in recent years. But move over chestnut, walnut, mango and grey tones - light oak is the new kid in town!

From a psychological point of view, dark furniture is more weighty and “serious”. As such, the movement towards paler wood finishes, led by exquisite light oak, is a welcome one. It brings a warm, serene and less austere vibe to any room and lends itself well to the soft edges and curves dominating current furniture design. Check out our Ellie bed (below) for example!

Oak is a slow growing hardwood, which often leads to a higher price, so we are also seeing similar looks coming through in more budget friendly oak veneer, elm and scrubbed teak. 

Light woods are showing themselves in all furniture categories, from coffee tables to bar stools, bedroom sets to accent chairs. Equally they fit in with many styles - coastal, mid-century, Scandinavian/Japandi and more. Hit us up if you’d like a taste of what we offer!

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