The  arrival of fall brings fresh possibilities to home decorating! We asked our Instagram followers “What’s one change you make to your home to make it feel like fall?” Here are a few of their suggestions for how to celebrate “Sweater Weather for your Home”.

Scents of the season: Whether through candles, diffusers or aromatherapy, fall offers as many unique scents as Christmas. Think coffee, whiskey, santal, frankincense, amber, cedar, patchouli, cinnamon, sandalwood, musk… the warm and velvety list goes on! 


Fall foliage: Autumn offers great foraging opportunities. Grasses, branches with bright leaves, seed pods, pinecones, moss… Fill your vases, bowls and accent your trays with ‘em! If you aren’t into foraging, faux fall botanicals are the answer and can be reused every year. 

Switch to the Soft n' Fluffy: Trade lighter throws and bedding for warmer, heavier or fluffier ones. Layer a sheepskin rug over your carpet or beside your bed - a sweet way to wake your feet up on cold mornings! 



4. Take texture to your wall: It's not the most common fall decorating tip, but switching up a piece or two of your art for something heavier and with more texture can utterly change a room! Look for pieces with wool, heavy paper, earth tones and darker frames to mix in with some of your year round faves. 


Happy decorating, friends! 

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