You love natural fibres, but not quite to the point of Boho chic. Clean lines are a must, but you find modern a little too severe. You want comfort and “lived in” but uncluttered and airy as well.

If that rings true, California Cool might just be the style for you! 

California Cool – also known as California Casual or California Style – is a decorating style that revolves around neutral, soft colors on larger surfaces, furnishings that are inviting and comfortable and an easy-breezy feel that is achieved through mixed natural materials. 

Leather, wood, wool, cotton and stone are the building blocks of Cali Cool, ideally in timeless earth tones. Throw in some slubby linen and woven accents and you only enhance that "go with the flow" sensibility.  

The final factor for achieving Cali Cool - it being the home of Hollywood - is DRAMA. Dark accents, global patterns, strong art or a boldly painted accent wall polish off its eclectic but harmonious effect. 

So tell us in the comments! Is California Cool for you?  

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