It’s Saturday afternoon. You’ve been adulting all day and have still more to go. But you’re kinda pooped, so you slump into the nearest chair and stare at your phone / a magazine / the wall.  And thus begins half an hour of scrolling, skimming, twiddling vacant time. Do you feel better afterwards? 


I do this on the regular and I feel marginally better. But not like I wanted or needed to feel.  Twenty minutes of intentional rest benefits me far more than even an hour of stolen rest. But what’s the difference, you ask? 
How To Do Intentional Rest
  1. Declare the Time: Declare it on your To Do list, in your mind or out loud to the rabble you share a house with. I AM OFFICIALLY RELAXING. 
  2. Set the Scene: You know, like a dog turns three times before lying down!  Dim the lighting. Remove all devices. Add a nice scent, a soft throw, a fave drink, an open window, cozy slippers. Maybe keep all your relaxing tools together on a pretty tray for easy access!
  3. Choose your input - pick a book, a meditation, a podcast, a paintbrush, soul music or silence - something that’s going to nourish you. Something that will slow you down, rather than speeding you up (ie. digital input).

When we do home consults, we are ALWAYS watching for a corner or nook that we can encourage our clients to transform into a permanent relaxation space. That's a little slice of well-being heaven, if you ask us!

So, there it is. Never mind being ready to rumble...are you ready to rest?!

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