Loved for its warmth and accessibility, Modern Farmhouse continues to be a favourite amongst interior design styles. Its trademark look and feel come from the seamless combination of a few other popular aesthetics. Read on for details!
The Rustic style lends to Farmhouse the honey coloured wood that warms up an otherwise monochromatic palette of blacks, whites and greys. Extra points are awarded for authentic hand-scraped oak floors but any light-ish warm wood flooring will do! Wood can also play its role via shelving, exposed beams or finishing pieces like bowls, cutting boards, and candle holders. 
Above: Design by White Timber Design; Build by Allegria Homes
Metal, black and concrete are what the Industrial style brings to the Modern Farmhouse party.  Picture chunky powder-coated pendants, black window and door frames or a wrought iron bed frame. Industrial also shows itself with concrete flooring or exposed brick or stone walls for that edgy warehouse vibe.  
Photo by Tanya Peters. Location French Door Estate Winery, Oliver BC.
Modern Farmhouse is rounded out with elements from Contemporary styling - sleek but comfortable furniture, subtle decorations, and simple timeless materials like granite and quartz countertops. 
Above photo: Design by Jette.
With its seamless blending of other styles, Modern Farmhouse is an widely appealing aesthetic that’s easy to achieve and even easier to live with!

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