While overhead lighting is essential, wall sconces offer a versatile and stylish alternative to illuminate specific areas in your home. Read on for 4 of our fave ways to use them... And click here to check out our ever-growing collection of sconces!


In an entryway, sconces win over pot lighting (or even a chandelier) any day! The soft lighting offered by sconces say “welcome home” and also ensure a well-lit pathway for safe navigation.



Wall sconces serve as the perfect companion to a fireplace, adding both warmth and style to the space. Mount sconces on either side of the fireplace to add additional interest to an already intrinsic focal point.  


Create a cozy reading nook by strategically placing wall sconces near your favourite chair or beside built-in bookshelves.

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Say goodbye to traditional bedside lamps and opt for wall sconces to free up valuable space on your nightstand. Mounted on either side of the bed, these sconces provide convenient task lighting for bedtime reading or ambient lighting for winding down.

If you haven't already "sconced" your home, what's stopping you?! Call us for design advice or product options. 

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