"What design and decor trends will we be seeing in 2023?" You asked, below are our answers!

One note - manufacturing and shipping delays over the past two years mean that furniture styles for 2023 will overlap with those from last year. So keep enjoying those curvy shapes and textural fabrics, rattan and cane, bouclé and sherpa - they aren't done yet! Beyond that we saw...1. Warm Post-Modern

Postmodernism in design (AKA PoMo) started in architecture but really hit interior design in the 1970s, holding strong until the 1990s.

PoMo favours super bold colours and edgy sculptural shapes. "Warm PoMo" (pictured above) is much softer and more muted in its expression, which allows for easier integration into our current decorating trends.

2. Squat n' Square Sofas

The thin proportions of Mid-Century Moderns style are everlasting, but hang on to your hats! Wide frames and boxy lines are making a comeback in sofas and sectionals! These styles are often coupled with an inverted seam (pictured below) which softens the look of the square lines.   

3. It's Super Easy Being Green!

From olive to grass, emerald to moss, trends are all go for green! The unisex/neutral nature of green has held it back in times when colours needed to declare their affiliation or make a statement. But green is having its moment, bringing a grounding, natural vibe to wherever it lands. 

4. Dark Magic

Light wood finishes emerged a few years ago and will remain for a few more. But looky here - brown wood is entering from stage left! Not black, not red, not grey - glorious, true brown. Watch for shades of walnut, chestnut, coffee, mocha (hungry yet?!) and more as they appear in furniture and accessories. 

5. Earth Tones

No doubt they'll be back but colours like turquoise and teal have been thoroughly dethroned! Earth tones are firmly at the helm again this year. Rich but muted, shades of muddy mustards, soft corals and greigey beige are easy to love and work beautifully with the chocolate woods mentioned above.

 Tell us in the comments what your favourite trend is!

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  • Cathie Wilk

    I love the Squat n’ Square Sofa look. Do you have any in the store? Also, the earth tones are beautiful. Glad they’re back. 😊

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