The fever of gathering again after isolation has worn off. The economy has shifted, making holiday splurging more difficult for some. It feels like this year’s holiday season might be a bit quieter, a bit less flashy, perhaps a bit more about people and less about acquisition. 

So. Instead of focussing your gatherings on consumption (food, bevvies, buying gifts) why not focus on production! Being creative with friends or the fam is a delight, and crafting is a FANTASTIC way to get through winter!

Check out our ideas below for budget-friendly, creative gatherings that tick both boxes for friends and festivities. For all these "workshops", invite each participant to be responsible for bringing one component, just to reduce the admin. 

Wreath Making: Whether you are using faux botanicals or fresh ones, new wreaths or re-inventing old ones, a gathering to meet and wreath is always a hit. Together, create a "wreath bar" - a buffet of all the tasty bits you can weave into your wreath.

Ornaments:  The options for handmade ornaments are endless! Keep them for your tree, gift a set of them or tie them to the outside of gifts as a decoration. We love the ideas in this list by The Spruce

Festive Garlands: Create garlands using wooden beads, cotton balls, felt leaves, dried orange slices, small ornaments, fresh cranberries, or paper to hang around the house or on the Christmas tree. If you don't have a mantle to garland up, put one on your headboard, bathroom mirror or as a swagged frame around the TV!  Don't forget to entwine it with twinkly fairy lights!

DIY Drinks: instead of expensive pre-made cocktails. Create a hot cocoa or mulled wine station with simple ingredients and let guests customize their drinks with various toppings or spices. For non-alcoholic options, offer flavored waters or homemade mocktails using affordable ingredients.

 Have fun trying these creative gatherings. Comment below with any other gathering ideas you have enjoyed! You and your gang might look like you're making crafts - but you're actually making memories.


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