HOLIDAY DECORATING: Five Things We Say Every Day

When people pop in for holiday decor and ideas to go with it, we find ourselves repeating a few mantras. So here they are, in no particular order! 

Balance your twinkle!  Weave fairy lights and candles into an area across the room from your tree to spread out your twinkle! Repetition of any main element like this keeps a room from feeling too heavy on one side. We love ensuring there is something twinkling hanging from the ceiling to fill that airspace. 

Make a greenery salad.  Mix up those botanicals, it’s party season! 

  • The easy way: entwine two kinds of garland. Bam.
  • Level up: jazz up a single species of garland with sprigs of anything else! Eucalyptus, evergreens, dried flowers, pine cones, lamb’s ear, magnolia. Then add in fairy lights, ornaments, icicles, etc. 

Eternal Flame: Easy to forget but hard to beat - the impact on ambience of a flickering candle. That friendly little flame adds life and makes the cold and dark outside seem intentional and welcome. AND, if all your greenery and tree is fake, get a candle that will throw a woodsy scent! 

Add more!  As a general rule, with holiday decorating, if something isn’t looking quite right, we add more! Often greenery swags, Christmas trees, vase arrangements etc need more bulk to look like they are finished. That said, If minimalism is your bag, we support that 100% too - it's the middle ground between minimal and bountiful that can feel unfinished. 


Collect two types of ornaments.

- the fixed, repeated ones that you place throughout the tree for cohesion. Put em high and low, deep and shallow and nicely spread. These are the icicles, the balls, the pinecones etc - the "bread and butter" ornaments that lay the foundation!

- the accent ornaments - these are the sentimental, the quirky, the unique. Unless you go for a “designer tree” (at least 8 of every decoration), keep gathering and displaying those fun, sweet ornaments that come your way throughout life. 

Happy, happy decorating! 

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